Catch every detail with a full theater system that immerses you in an
unparalleled experience with superior quality 3D surround sound.

Make Your  Home Impressive

The living room is the place with the most family activities and the most prominent family taste. Whether it is a reception or a family reunion, most of the time is in the living room, so a good set of audio equipment in the living room is essential, whether it is for the whole family to watch movies or for relatives and friends. Listening to music during the reunion can show the taste of the owner. Therefore, the audio-visual entertainment system in the living room has become a top priority!

How to choose the product that suits you is also very important. Of course, lying on a soft bed in the bedroom and watching a big movie or falling asleep with melodious music is also a great joy in life! No matter the living room or the bedroom, a suitable sound system is essential for modern life.

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Elements of a Good
Living Room
Audio-Visual System

Some of the key elements to look for when selecting audio systems include, stylish and lightweight appearance, speakers that are not picky about space and easy to drive, the entire system has rich interfaces, corresponding to various sources, such as movies, music, games, karaoke, computers, to name a few. For the video format, simple and natural appearance design, perfect match with various home styles. The video system requires high brightness, suitable for viewing during the day.

Take Your Home to the
Next Level with
Multi-Room Audio

A multi-room audio system, links various audio equipment together to form an overall ecosystem, so that you can listen to wonderful music in every part of your home space without interfering with each other. Whether it is quiet reading in the living room, cooking in the kitchen, or walking through the quiet paths in the garden, your favorite music can accompany you just right looking at you!

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What is an
Outdoor Garden Speaker?

Generally speaking, it brings you moving music in places that you can’t see or are mistaken for decorations. The little rock in the picture is actually a small trumpet. Don’t think that you can achieve a good garden sound effect by simply installing a few speakers, the design is far more complicated than you imagined!

A good outdoor garden speaker not only needs to have good sound quality, but also be able to achieve waterproof and dustproof, the ability to resist harsh environments, and high directivity can be distributed to cover the entire garden while minimizing interference to neighbors next door.

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